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    Your little parcel of vanilla delights arrived safely this morning. As I write these few lines, I have a freshly brewed cup of vanilla coffee beside me on my desk. It is beautiful coffee, and has a lovely, smooth flavour and texture – I love it…Thanks a million…
    Marcia (Victoria)

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    summer beauty sleep

    The heat of the summer is upon us and we are certainly glad for the investment in irrigation late last year. Yes, this is the Wet Season but if we don’t get the rain, the beans and plants really suffer and we all have sleepless nights. Now it’s just “let’s start the pump!” and we all get our beauty sleep.

    The babies, this year’s vanilla pods, are maturing well in the heat and humidity and we are planning for a record crop, both in quantity and quality.

    As many of you know, last year was sensational for us – lots of accolades and publicity: an award or two, mention in two big newspapers. This year has started with a bang with the invitation to supply Rene Redzepi’s noma popup restaurant in Sydney for its 10-week stint. This is a really exciting opportunity for us to be tasted at the world’s number one restaurant. Have a look here.

    VANILLA ICE CREAM - made with Pure Vanilla Paste



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    Don't forget to send me any of your delicious vanilla inspired recipes. Please email Fiona, Click here.
    August 30th, 2015: 9.15am
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    Renee says July 21, 2016 at 9:28 am - Shared publicly

    Sometimes when I cook I find that ‘secrect ingredient’ I can add to any dish that just makes it magic – and that is it. Amazing!

    Fiona says July 21, 2016 at 9:48 am - Shared publicly

    Thanks Renee – we have had other people say that too! Happy cooking!

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