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    Your little parcel of vanilla delights arrived safely this morning. As I write these few lines, I have a freshly brewed cup of vanilla coffee beside me on my desk. It is beautiful coffee, and has a lovely, smooth flavour and texture – I love it…Thanks a million…
    Marcia (Victoria)

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    winter in the north

    We just love winter at Broken Nose – the aroma of vanilla pods curing in the sun; the bird life; the crisp mornings; the golden afternoons with wisps of smoke from sugar cane fires.

    It was lovely to come home after an extremely hectic weekend at South Bank, Brisbane, at the best ever, biggest ever Regional Flavours. We’ve had lots of media exposure lately through the Courier Mail and its local cousins, Cairns Post and Innisfail Advocate, a stint on Coxy (ABC 630 Brisbane) on Sunday morning and repeats on Alive and Cooking with James Reeson.

    Matt is putting his new camera to the test. Watch out for some more great pics to come. In the meantime you might like to try our Yoghurt Pannacotta – it’s divine!


    YOGHURT PANNACOTTA - made with Pure Vanilla Beans


    1. Gently warm milk and sugar in a small saucepan, add split vanilla bean and hold just off the boil for around 15mins to allow the vanilla flavour to infuse.
    2. Meanwhile, soak 1 sachet of gelatine in 1TB of warm milk until dissolved.
    3. Whisk gelatine into the mixture in the saucepan – whisk thoroughly until all the gelatine has disappeared.
    4. Little by little, add the warm mixture to the cold yoghurt in a bowl and whisk thoroughly until smooth.
    5. Pour into slightly oiled moulds and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.
    6. Serve in the moulds, or turn out onto a plate, and garnish with seasonal fruit or a twist of lime zest.


    1 split vanilla bean
    1c milk
    1c plain yoghurt
    1/3 c caster sugar
    1 sachet gelatine

    Add a squeeze of lemon or lime if desired for a slightly tarter flavour.

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    Don't forget to send me any of your delicious vanilla inspired recipes. Please email Fiona, Click here.
    August 30th, 2015: 9.15am
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