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Fiona and Matt

Phone: 0428 918 285
Farm Gate: 390 Woopen Creek Road
Mirriwinni, Tropical North Queensland

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    Blog Quote

    Your little parcel of vanilla delights arrived safely this morning. As I write these few lines, I have a freshly brewed cup of vanilla coffee beside me on my desk. It is beautiful coffee, and has a lovely, smooth flavour and texture – I love it…Thanks a million…
    Marcia (Victoria)

    Vanilla Lime Seafood Sauce


    Learning To Adapt

    Looking for a lifestyle change, we struck on the idea of growing vanilla in the tropics of north Queensland. A week before cyclone Larry hit us square on the nose, we purchased our five-hectare property in a lush valley one hour south of Cairns under Queensland’s highest peak, Mt Bartle Frere, and its offshoot, Broken Nose.

    We regularly receive six metres of rain – no need for irrigation here – and even after cyclone Yasi five years later tested our resolve and our anti-cyclone strategies, we are still going.

    We respect the nurturing qualities of our natural environment (no chemicals here!) and try to work in harmony with our climate and what it offers. Of course we have challenges, but we love what we do, the people we meet and the food we produce. Every day is a learning experience – sweetened by the pervasive, distinctive aroma of pure vanilla. This recipe is one developed by Matt.