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Fiona and Matt

Phone: 0428 918 285
Farm Gate: 390 Woopen Creek Road
Mirriwinni, Tropical North Queensland

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    Your little parcel of vanilla delights arrived safely this morning. As I write these few lines, I have a freshly brewed cup of vanilla coffee beside me on my desk. It is beautiful coffee, and has a lovely, smooth flavour and texture – I love it…Thanks a million…
    Marcia (Victoria)

    Beverage Recipes

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    key ingredient

    See you at Regional Flavours, South Bank, Brisbane July 16/17! It’s free and full of wonderful food from around Queensland.

    After a wet couple of months, we have finally got on top of the winter prep before flowering: weeding, spreading a nutritious layer of mulch on all the plants, giving a good dose of bio-fertiliser and worm juice to stimulate the nutrient flow, and we have started harvesting.

    Even in winter, it’s hot work. Matt came up with this refreshing, revitalising smoothie to keep us going. Add your favourite seasonal fruit, but don’t forget the key ingredient – a dash of vanilla extract.


    TROPICAL VANILLA SMOOTHIE - made with Pure Vanilla Extract


    Use blender (preferably with ice crushing mode) to crush ice. Add other ingredients and blend until thick and smooth. If the mix is not viscous, add more juice to taste.

    For garnish, add sprig of mint and serve in tall iced glass.

    Makes enough for 2 adults with a big thirst!

    1. For those who do not eat ice cream, or don't want the massive calorie hit, the ice cream can be substituted with 4 tablespoons of Mungalli Creek yoghurt and 1 tablespoon of local honey.
    2. If no apple juice is available, low fat Misty Mountains milk can be substituted.



    1 cup ice (250ml)
    1 cup cloudy apple juice (250ml)
    ½ cup mango – fresh or frozen (125-150 gm)
    1 banana
    1 large panama passionfruit
    2 scoops vanilla ice cream (home made with Broken Nose Vanilla pods if available. Other vanilla ice cream will do nicely though)
    2 tsp Broken Nose Vanilla extract
    1 sprig of mint

    Please share if you like this recipe.

    Don't forget to send me any of your delicious vanilla inspired recipes. Please email Fiona, Click here.
    August 30th, 2015: 9.15am
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